Incorporated in 2011, with its first registered branch in Lusaka, Bisoft Business Systems has continued to provide the most reliable & intergrated point of sale systems in its chosen market ranging from Shop Tills, ISHIDA Weighing Scales, Scale Labels & Till Rolls.
From inception, the Company has sought to take its chosen line of business to greater heights by taking a lead on the Zambian market.
To provide retailers with the technology to excel in their business by providing superior products and services for computerized Inventory Control and Point-of-Sale solutions
We are committed to providing powerful, user friendly software & hardware designed for point of sale, business growth and management.
The software & hardware we distribute is designed to help your business grow and be more profitable through our built in scheduling, reports, sales transactions, marketing campaigns, inventory, and client tracking.
We have one unique software package that is designed specifically for the following markets: Supermarket, Mini mart, Pharmacy, Auto Spares and has the ability to intergrate to ISHIDA Label Printing Scales.
We are very key in After Sale Support as part of our core values.
Support of our Principles
Our principles, Ishida Japan (through Avocet Scales & Labels, JHG, RSA) are committed to the Zambian market place and continue to develop new products to meet the needs and trends of the modern retailer and food processor.
With this level of commitment Ishida is sure to become the market leader in weighing.